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Trainer Accreditation

Whether you are an HR Manager, an in-company trainer or a training consultant, our accreditation programmes will give you the breadth of understanding, and the practical tools you need to deliver effective Action Centred Leadership training.

ACL is far more than The 3 Circles Model

Action Centred Leadership is widely quoted around the world, but a quick reference only to Task, Team and Individual misses the potential it has for providing managers with a common language about leadership no matter what their level or experience.  

Three Levels of Accreditation

Accreditation mirrors the three levels of leadership encompassed by ACL:

The programmes recognise that in order to develop the leadership skills of individuals operating at these levels, trainers need to adopt different approaches, think increasingly strategically and develop their own skills. The process is summarised in this Accreditation Overview document.  

The benefits of becoming an Adair Accredited Trainer

On completion of an accreditation programme you will have:

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Free ACL Resource

Introductory materials are available free of charge by registering your details with Adair International.

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