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Trainer Accreditation Levels

The process is summarised in this Accreditation Overview document.  

Accredited Trainer – Team Leader Level

This programme is the starting point of all accredited Action Centred Leadership (ACL) trainers, and it uses the eight generic leadership functions as originally devised by John Adair.  This is a three-day programme, covering the fundamentals of ACL and skills necessary for the delivery of all ACL programmes.

Accredited Trainer – Operational Level

Operational leaders are those operating at mid to senior management positions.  They are responsible for a significant part of the organisation’s operations, and their direct reports are managers / leaders themselves. Building on the team level programme, this one-day accreditation programme explores the seven operational functions, and the changes required in the application of the team functions when leading at this level.

Accredited Trainer – Strategic Level

Building on the team and operational accreditation programmes, this programme is designed for those trainers and leadership specialists working with top teams in organisations.  A one-day programme focusing on the interactions between the team and operational functions, and the seven strategic leadership functions.

Programme dates and locations

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