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About Us

Over a million managers have taken part in Action-Centred Leadership programmes pioneered by John Adair. ACL is being successfully applied in engineering companies, retailers, local authorities, financial institutions and universities.

Worldwide Demand for ACL Leadership Development

By 2009 John Adair was receiving enquiries for ACL leadership training from organisations all over the world. John and Steve Read, one of his Associates, began to focus on how best to satisfy this growing demand while safeguarding the quality of training. They started building capability in a number of countries, engaging Regional Partners to ensure that the courses, trainers and infrastructure were in place to meet this demand. With a growing network of Associates and Accredited Trainers, Adair International was born.

John Adair (President)

Since 2008 John has been advising the UN on the establishment of a global leadership strategy, and helping them to establish the first United Nations Leaders Programme at the UN staff college in Turin.  He is also advising the International Red Cross on developing their senior people.

Steve Read (Managing Director)

Steve runs leadership programmes for a variety of organisations including a European drugs discovery company, a UK building society and a London based insurance company. As an Adair Associate, Steve has represented John on international leadership projects.